What flooring will increase my home's value?

What flooring will increase my home's value?

Increasing home value is easier than you think when choosing suitable new floors. With some, placement in a single room is enough to bring the value you need and want.

You'll want to learn more if you aren't sure which materials offer this impressive benefit. Here are some facts that will help you easily create the best floors.

Hardwood flooring is always a popular choice

With solid hardwood, you can expect your home's value to increase immediately. Many homeowners only install solid wood in specific spaces, but that's plenty for the desired effect.

But other homeowners mix and match solid and engineered materials for continuity. At our flooring company, you’ll find the same great value throughout your whole home.

Porcelain tile offers a wealth of benefits

Tile flooring offers lifespans that can exceed 50 years, which makes it very valuable. But it's also dense, hard, and wear-resistant, even in your busiest spaces.

Tile is perfect for every room, with benefits that cater to your needs. Be sure to ask about trending visuals for even more value.

Natural stone flooring ages well

With lifespans that reach 100 years or more, these floors are well worth your time. Once in place, your new floors won’t need replacing, and you'll reap the benefit.

They're also easy to maintain and clean, especially with professional installation. And we can answer all your questions when you see them for yourself.

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At Walt Smith's Flooring Company, we offer a comprehensive inventory of products. In addition, our associates add the necessary services once you choose your floors for great results.

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