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Let's focus on hardwood flooring

Your home might be a perfect setting for the fantastic attributes that come with hardwood flooring, especially if you're looking for a floor covering that lasts an exceptionally long time. These materials have much to offer for both durability and style, creating a timeless appearance that can withstand many trend changes. Be sure to take the time to find out which materials best suit your specific needs, and then let us know how we can help.

Hardwood flooring makes a difference

Some homeowners are first drawn to hardwood because of its extensive lifespan. When you take the time to pick a suitable species and other attributes, you'll find these floors easily last 100 years or more, with many breaking the 200-year mark, as you'll see in many historic buildings. Once you come in for a closer look, you'll find even more characteristics that work to your great advantage.

These materials' appearance is classic, elegant, and timeless, no matter which species, stain color, or finish you choose. From light blonde colors to dark mahoganies, and even the natural colors like cherry's pink hues, you'll find a perfect addition for every d├ęcor. These colors also work to withstand many trend changes, so you'll be current for years without ever having to change your flooring appearance.

It's important to know that solid wood is not a recommended option if you have basements that need flooring. Instead, we suggest you try engineered wood flooring, which is constructed in such a way as to better function in damp, humid environments where temperature changes frequently occur. If you have basements or other below-grade spaces that require flooring, we strongly suggest you ask us about these when you arrive.

Find your wood floors here in our O'Fallon store

To find flooring materials that genuinely work for your requirements, we invite you to visit Walt Smith's Flooring Company at our O'Fallon, Missouri, showroom whenever you're in the area. There you'll find plenty of inventory options and services provided by professionals who care as much about your flooring as you do. Once you've picked a material, we'll install it to perfection, bringing your flooring experience to successful completion.

If you're in the areas of O'Fallon, MO, Saint Charles, MO, Wentzville, MO, St. Peters, MO, or Troy, MO, be sure you stop by when you're in the area. Our associates are ready to help you with any project of any size. We'll make sure you get the wood floors you'll love for years to come.

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