Your perfect options for waterproof flooring

Every home has a room that genuinely necessitates complete imperviousness to water, and waterproof flooring is an outstanding solution. With these pieces in place, you'll have not only the protection you need but also the peace of mind you deserve. Consider the implications of never having to worry about water damage, and you'll see why these floors can mean so much.

Waterproof vinyl plank flooring is a great option

Waterproof vinyl plank flooring gives you so much to love. For instance, it can take on not only the appearance of natural solid hardwood flooring but also beautiful stone varieties for color, texture, and pattern options that are stunningly worthy of any décor scheme. You can even ask for specific installation techniques to further enhance the appearance of your floors. Of course, the star advantage of these floors is the waterproof protection, which comes to you via the core layer. These can be made of wood plastic composite, stone plastic composite, or 100% vinyl, so you’ll never have to worry about splitting, cracking, or warping. But they offer impressive benefits in addition to waterproof profiles, which makes waterproof vinyl flooring well worth your time.

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Waterproof vinyl flooring installation

The ease and speed of installation is another highly sought-after benefit that homeowners prefer. Most average tasks take no more than a single day, and you’ll be walking on your new flooring as soon as the installation is complete. You can even add an underlayment where additional comfort, warmth, and noise reduction are preferred.

Taking the time to consider all your options in this flooring line is a great idea. You’ll find options you might not even have known about. Then, when you're ready to give waterproof vinyl flooring a try, be sure to visit us for more information.

Choose waterproof vinyl flooring for several areas

Walt Smith's Flooring Company provides your best waterproof flooring in O’Fallon, MO, with great attention to your specific requirements. We understand that your floors must look great and perform well, all at the same time. We will make every effort to provide the perfect materials and most beneficial services, so be sure to speak with an experienced associate when you arrive. If you are a resident of O'Fallon, MO, Saint Charles, MO, Wentzville, MO, St. Peters, MO, or Troy, MO, you are invited to visit us at our showroom in O’Fallon, MO. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we’ll work hard to make that a reality. When you’re ready to find the best waterproof vinyl plank flooring, be sure to stop by and speak with one of our flooring specialists.